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Through the Growing Early Minds (GEM) Program, we offer a comprehensive program with an array of activities that includes tutoring, recreation, socializing activities, academic enrichment, homework help, snacks, community service, sports, arts and crafts, and music.  The GEM Online Tutoring Program was created to improve literacy and mathematical skills.  Children ages 5-15 develop a love of reading which can change the trajectory of their lives.  As they build strong reading comprehension, it will prepare them to advance through elementary school with confidence and with an appreciation for learning.  At GEM, we show children how to conquer any challenge and start on the path to achievement through practicing math and reading, they can achieve successes every day as they learn, flourish and build their self-esteem.  We provide this service for youth ages 5-15 who are economically and technologically disadvantaged. The free After School Program, offers homework assistance, in-person and online tutoring in Reading, Math, basic computer technology, and volunteers mentor them.  Committed retired teachers and volunteers work with youth four days a week developing their character, developing their social skills, discouraging youth from crime, providing suspension intervention, and educating them in various subjects. Students who are not attending the After School program may APPLY for at-home tutoring on the Education page.  After acceptance and orientation, you may REGISTER by clicking the link below.  

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ACSI is a 501c3 non-profit community-based organization that provides services to citizens of Florida and beyond.

Our primary focus is on youth, single women with children and the elderly who are economically and technologically disadvantaged.

We provide select services through training and development to provide assistance to our target groups to promote self-sufficiency and to assist small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create and maintain jobs in local neighborhoods.

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