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The WIN Program empowers single women with children to succeed through skills for life, parenting, and professional and educational training, along with mentoring and by providing seminars to help women make necessary self-improvements vital to their success. We offer free and low-cost Legal Document Services and help clients remove legal barriers that often hinder their success. With a 100% success rate, many of the homeless women with children have been able to address and rectify their problems successfully. We offer an annual free Pancake Breakfast and Christmas Give-A-Way for children of single parent disadvantaged homes, where each child receives 2 gifts for Christmas. The WIN program will allow women with children to become educated and empowered, as well as support family stabilization. Clients receive individualized case management to help them write goals and focus on improvement, educational training in our computer lab, work therapy, career development, life skill classes, and spiritual encouragement to lead them back to the basics.

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ACSI is a 501c3 non-profit community-based organization that provides services to citizens of Florida and beyond.

Our primary focus is on youth, single women with children and the elderly who are economically and technologically disadvantaged.

We provide select services through training and development to provide assistance to our target groups to promote self-sufficiency and to assist small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create and maintain jobs in local neighborhoods.

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